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Boca Raton Estate Planning Lawyer / Boca Raton Wills Lawyer

Boca Raton Wills Lawyer

Everybody needs a Will. The Will is a key document to protect your assets, preserve your legacy, and distribute your estate according to your wishes If you do not have a Will, the court decides these matters for you regardless of your wishes. Having a Will will assist your loved ones in avoiding possible costly, time-consuming, and emotionally fraught battles that could arise if your wishes are not known. The estate planning attorneys at SAMUELS WOOD PLLC can help you steer clear of problems and ensure your estate are handled the way you want. Call our experienced Boca Raton wills lawyer today.

Wills Accomplish Many Important Goals

A Will will let you can accomplish the following:

  • Name a personal representative or executor to administer your estate. This can be someone you trust to carry out the duties of an estate representative diligently and faithfully.

  • Name any beneficiaries you wish to inherit your property, including alternate beneficiaries should your primary beneficiaries be unwilling or unable to inherit. This can include family members friends, charities, or institutions such as your alma mater or your favorite zoo or park.

  • Appoint a guardian to look after your minor children until they are grown. Naming a guardian in your Will can avoid the hardship of others having to go to court to have a guardian appointed for your children, especially if it is not the person you would have chosen.

  • Provide detailed directions for how your personal assets should be divided among your beneficiaries. Florida intestacy laws dictate how an estate is divided among family members, but with a Will you choose who should inherit and how much they should get.

  • Give detailed directions for how debts, expenses, and taxes should be paid. All of these costs must be paid before your heirs can receive their inheritances. Through a Will, you can dictate what funds should be used or property or investments liquidated to cover these costs while protecting other assets for your intended beneficiaries.

  • Provide special instructions for maintaining real estate properties.

  • Ensure that all of your estate is accounted for. Distributing property through a Trust only works if the Trust was properly funded and title to property was transferred into the trust correctly. If you have a Trust, your Will can contain a “pour-over” provision to ensure that no asset gets left out of your estate plan.

Now Is the Time to Create or Update Your Will

It is prudent to have a Will if you are an adult and, you own property, have children, or are running a business, Contact SAMUELS WOOD PLLC today to get started protecting yourself, your family, and all you hold dear with a properly drafted Florida Will that meets your unique needs and circumstances.

If you already have a Will in place, now might be a good time to have a legal professional review your personal situation, needs and goals and update your Will as needed. Some changes that might necessitate reviewing your Will include:

  • Marriage, divorce, or legal separation regarding you or your heirs
  • New births or adoptions in your family
  • A change in your financial situation
  • A change in your attitudes and desires regarding family members or the disposition of your estate

SAMUELS WOOD PLLC is here for you with expert assistance to advise you and make any changes necessary.


For professional advice and legal expertise drafting or revising your Florida Will, call on a Board-Certified specialist in estate planning at SAMUELS WOOD PLLC. Contact our experienced Boca Raton wills lawyer today.

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