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Boca Raton Estate Planning Lawyer / Boca Raton Crisis Planning Lawyer

Boca Raton Crisis Planning Lawyer

Many people do not realize what happens when deciding to move themselves or a family member into a long-term care facility. Most people believe that choosing a facility requires finding one that caters to their needs, filling out some paperwork, and then simply moving in. Unfortunately, the process is much more complicated.

The average family in Florida will spend approximately $40,000 per year to pay for these services. There is no guarantee that public funds will be available to help individuals pay for them. This is when speaking to a Boca Raton crisis planning lawyer is of the utmost importance.

What Is Crisis Planning for Medicaid?

A crisis situation in Medicaid occurs when you or a loved one needs to apply for Medicaid and you are already in a long-term care facility, or you are planning on being admitted to a facility in the very near future. The decisions you have made in the past significantly impact your application for Medicaid. For many people, it is extremely challenging to understand and navigate the complex Medicaid application process.

A Medicaid crisis can occur if you have delayed your approval date for several months, if you have incorrectly completed paperwork, or if you have transferred assets in a way that can delay your approval for several months or years. It is important to work with a Boca Raton crisis planning lawyer who can handle these situations and help ensure your Medicaid application process is done correctly.

How Can a Boca Raton Crisis Planning Lawyer Help?

When working with one of our Boca Raton crisis planning lawyers, we will start the process by gaining a complete understanding of your situation. We will review your financial information as well as your current assets and any major transactions that have been made in recent months or years. We will also review whether you have another way of paying for long-term care. For example, many people may not realize that they have long-term care insurance through their employment.

The first steps a lawyer takes when applying for Medicaid are critical in order to help families understand the process and identify any possible problems they may face. If you or someone you love needs long-term care and you do not have the funds to pay for it, the situation is very urgent.

Do Not Wait to Call Our Crisis Planning Lawyer in Boca Raton

At SAMUELS WOOD PLLC, our Boca Raton crisis planning lawyer can assist with your Medicaid application process, but time is of the essence. If you are experiencing a crisis, call us now at 561-864-3371 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation with our skilled attorney and obtain the sound legal advice you need.

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