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I highly recommend Tara and her team!

5 Stars

Tara Wood and the entire staff at SAMUELS WOOD are by far the most exceptional, professional, and caring people I have had the pleasure to work with! Tara is an exceptional and knowledgeable Attorney, she answered all my questions and concerns usually the same day, and successfully completed my case in record time.
I highly recommend Tara and her team!

Steven C.

Exceptional, professional and supremely caring

5 Stars

Exceptional, professional and supremely caring are not just words Heather Samuels epitomizes; they are qualities she illuminates. Her gentleness, sensitivity, kindness and respect toward my dad were remarkable. To say she honored and dignified him would be an understatement! It's heartbreaking to watch him decline from Alzheimer's. She ennobled him. My dad is one of the best people I know. He's not only brilliant and accomplished but virtuous and admirable. His diminished capacity is demeaning. Her higher quality of care interrupted my dispiritedness and injected elegance and beauty into it. I was moved by how she treated him. She not only introduced beauty into our sad situation but overshadowed it for a moment. As a caregiver, her skill in handling my dad's needs evoked my own aspirations to a higher standard of care. Her attentiveness, conscientiousness, and commitment to understanding and honoring his wishes were something special to behold. I'm so grateful for her help in caring for my dad.

John O.

All team members were always knowledgeable and accountable

5 Stars

From the minute my father's illness was suddenly thrust upon me, I was smart enough to know that I would need legal assistance to navigate through unchartered and complicated waters. What I didn't realize was how smart a decision it was to use Heather and her team at Samuels Wood. From the moment I entered, I instinctively knew this was the correct place. The warm greeting time after time, the genuine compassion Heather conveyed at my first meeting made me feel welcome, the patience in answering seemingly endless questions and re-explaining answers when they weren't initially understood, and the walking through the complicated details made a terrible situation very manageable. The entire legal team was aware of the case... everyone was always very helpful. I never got pushed around, all team members were always knowledgeable and accountable, and every detail was always followed up diligently. I can unquestionably and very confidently recommend Samuels Wood to anyone needing legal assistance with any matter they specialize in. It will be one of the best decisions you make and lighten any potential burden you may be faced with. With genuine gratitude.

John I.

Thank you, Tara, and your wonderful staff.

5 Stars

Thank you Tara Wood and associates at Samuels Wood PLLC. In addition to being both knowledgeable and current in the field of elder care law, Tara Wood was unfailingly kind, helpful and available in assisting me to explore the challenging world of estate planning for my husband and I. We are very satisfied and relieved to have an estate plan in place that reflects our unique situation and meets our needs. Thank you, Tara, and your wonderful staff.

Lyn R.C.

I highly recommend Ms. Samuels and her team for estate planning!

5 Stars

I highly recommend Ms. Samuels and her team for estate planning! I used their services to help obtain Medicaid for my mother and was very impressed with how knowledgeable they were about this complicated process and, just as importantly, how "on top" of the process they were. Unlike other attorneys I have dealt with, I did not have to constantly call and ask for updates or wait for unreturned calls/emails. Her office was quick to respond to my questions and provide detailed responses if needed. I would particularly like to thank Raven who worked diligently on the Medicaid application! Thank you both for your invaluable assistance during this challenging time in my life, leaving me more time to focus on my mother and her medical needs!

Karen D.

I appreciate your honesty

5 Stars

Heather been a lifesaver in this ocean of senior care. Your support and knowledge has helped me get through these difficult and challenging times. I appreciate your honesty with everything that has transpired regarding my husband’s care as well the individuals that you have put me in contact with for support

Rae C.

Highly recommend

5 Stars

Heather assisted our family in a personal services contract. She was absolutely amazing! Heather responded to emails in a timely manner, explained everything to us step by step, and completed the final task quickly and perfectly. Highly recommend.

Ghazal T.

They made the process as easy as possible

5 Stars

Faced with a very difficult and complicated situation; getting my dad set up for Medicaid so he can get moved into a nursing home. They made the process as easy as possible, walking me through it and keeping me updated on all the steps; what was going on and what would be needed next. Very friendly and warm, yet still professional and obviously very knowledgeable in their field of expertise. They made a difficult situation as easy as possible for our family- would definitely recommend!

Eric A.

Tara and Raven are AMAZING!

5 Stars

Tara and Raven are AMAZING! As a professional working in the senior living industry, it is refreshing to work alongside individuals who not only care about their clients but who are also efficient in helping them navigate the challenging world of elder care. I highly recommend them!

Viviana U.

We had an absolutely fantastic experience

5 Stars

We had an absolutely fantastic experience with SAMUELS WOOD PLLC! My mother's sudden illness faced us with some urgent and challenging decisions regarding her estate and her care. In this difficult time, I could not imagine working with anyone better than Tara and Raven. Their deep professional expertise was apparent from the first conversation and did not disappoint at any point of the process. All legal matters were resolved to our complete satisfaction. The service was always prompt, tactful, delivered with great sensitivity and, we particularly appreciated this, endless patience whenever we had any questions or required any additional time and explanations. I highly recommend SAMUELS WOOD PLLC. Their service is absolutely second to none. Thank you, Tara and Raven, for your support, your guidance and your professionalism!

Sasha N.

We were very impressed...

5 Stars

My Mom, brother and I went to her for estate planning and elder law counseling. We were very impressed with not only her knowledge, but also her ability to break down our options so we could understand. Highly recommended!


Professional & Knowledgeable

5 Stars

Very professional, knowledgeable, super nice, and friendly.


This Firm is Outstanding!

5 Stars

This firm is outstanding. Tara Wood is extremely professional and compassionate. She completely understands the needs of the elderly and their family members.


A Rare Find in the Field of Law.

5 Stars

Tara Wood is as professional as you would expect an attorney to be, but she is off the chart with kindness and compassion. A rare find in the field of law. She works very hard for her clients, going above and beyond what anyone would expect. I would recommend her without hesitation.


Highly recommended!

5 Stars

I was recently referred to Tara Wood. I needed a Personal Service contract and guidance on applying for Medicaid for my mom. I found Tara to be very knowledgeable, compassionate, and accessible to all my questions. Completely satisfied would highly recommend and will use her in the future.


Unusually outstanding service rendered by Tara Wood!

5 Stars

I seldom write reviews of this nature but feel compelled to do so in this instance because of the unusually outstanding service rendered by Tara Wood. Ms. Wood obviously takes great pride in her accomplishments – her commitment to help was demonstrated by the way she tried to do everything possible to help and satisfy the needs of myself and my wife. Ms. Wood is knowledgeable, helpful, explained matters in order to make sure we understood all necessary papers, and has always been available for us whenever we called. She is of a high caliber in today’s difficult market.


I found Gold with Ms. Wood

5 Stars

I was extremely fortunate to have Ms. Tara Wood represent me. The Medicaid process is arduous and my mom has a trust that further complicates matters, Ms. Wood was integral in helping to navigate our particular situation. She was always available to answer any and all of my questions at any time, even when she was away on vacation! She went above and beyond the duties one would expect from their lawyer. Not only is Ms. Wood a highly capable professional, but she also possesses special personal qualities that make her so well suited to handle our needs. She is extremely compassionate, understanding and kind. I am so grateful to have found her and I would highly recommend her to anyone needing her legal services.


Tara Wood is a rock star

5 Stars

I cannot thank Tara Wood, Esq. enough for the assistance she provided my family. My sister, a nurse, and I, an attorney and healthcare administrator, live in NC and Texas, respectively. Our 98-year-old father lives in Boca Raton, Fla. After I attempted unsuccessfully to qualify our dad for long term Medicaid, I was introduced to Ms. Wood. I was only in town briefly and Tara came to the nursing home my father was in, met with us over a weekend, and worked with us diligently and expeditiously to meet an impending deadline. Tara knows the arcane ins and outs of the Medicaid process in Florida and ultimately got the job done. Equally important she was a pleasure to work with, immediately putting us at ease, relieving the stress and anxiety we were experiencing over our dad's health and finances, and keeping us informed on a regular basis. I whole heartedly recommend Ms. Wood as an extremely competent attorney and a caring human being.

Regina R.

Outstanding support

5 Stars

Reading through these reviews I completely agree with all the praise written about Tara Wood. I couldn't agree more. It was indeed a pleasure cooperating and working with Ms. Wood. She provided a 5-star performance. I would highly recommend working with Tara Wood... They absolutely provided everything that was agreed upon. And delivered everything in a timely and professional manner.

Daniel P.

Top Shelf Client Service

5 Stars

Tara Wood was invaluable in helping me to navigate the legal landscape as I needed to gain Power of Attorney in order for me to become responsible for my mom who developed dementia. and could not take care of herself. She also helped my mom get situated in her health care facility. I highly recommend her.

Eric A.

When you need a lawyer like this, call Tara, and she will get the job done right!

5 Stars

I was not asked to add this review, I asked since Tara Wood is an excellent attorney. When I see someone who not only knows her business, and has compassion for people, I have to make sure everybody knows. She has a great attitude and always called in a very reasonable time to answer questions. I would highly recommend Tara, and I will be using her for now on. When you need a lawyer like this, call Tara, and she will get the job done right! Thank you Tara!

Ralph C.

Tara Wood was a lifesaver

5 Stars

If there were more stars I would rate them higher! I cannot say enough positive things. Tara Wood was a lifesaver. Her compassion, patience, attention to detail and responsiveness were outstanding. If you need help getting through the Medicaid process I STRONGLY advise you to give her a call! From the very beginning she was ready to go and had all the information I needed. The process was seamless. Thank you again Tara!!

Angie R.

Tara Wood is an amazing Attorney...

5 Stars

Tara Wood is an amazing Attorney, from the very first phone call to the very end she was professional, Knowledgeable, and so caring. I was truly blessed to have found her. She helped me with my estate planning documents and took the time to answer all of my questions with such patience and understanding, she put my mind at ease, and for that I am forever grateful. I highly recommend her.

Sonia H.

Most Impressive

5 Stars

I live in Australia and, due to health matters, have been unable to travel abroad for several years. My 94-year-old mother became the victim of corporate greed and administrative neglect in her residential care facility, and it was only through the prompt work by Tara Wood that the matter was resolved. Whilst involving a great deal more time and effort than anticipated, no additional fees were charged beyond the quoted flat fee. I would not hesitate to recommend this firm.


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