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Exceptional, professional and supremely caring

By John O.

Exceptional, professional and supremely caring are not just words Heather Samuels epitomizes; they are qualities she illuminates. Her gentleness, sensitivity, kindness and respect toward my dad were remarkable. To say she honored and dignified him would be an understatement! It’s heartbreaking to watch him decline from Alzheimer’s. She ennobled him. My dad is one of the best people I know. He’s not only brilliant and accomplished but virtuous and admirable. His diminished capacity is demeaning. Her higher quality of care interrupted my dispiritedness and injected elegance and beauty into it. I was moved by how she treated him. She not only introduced beauty into our sad situation but overshadowed it for a moment. As a caregiver, her skill in handling my dad’s needs evoked my own aspirations to a higher standard of care. Her attentiveness, conscientiousness, and commitment to understanding and honoring his wishes were something special to behold. I’m so grateful for her help in caring for my dad.

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