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Boca Raton Estate Planning Lawyer / Blog / Elder Law / Hurricane Season is Upon Us: Why an Estate Plan Should be a Part of Your Storm Season Readiness

Hurricane Season is Upon Us: Why an Estate Plan Should be a Part of Your Storm Season Readiness

Hurricane Season

Living in Florida, it’s not a matter of if a hurricane will hit, it’s when. Hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 30, and usually peaks in September.  Weather experts are expecting the 2024 hurricane season to be busier than average. The Florida Division of Emergency Management reminds Florida residents to begin taking necessary steps and making their disaster preparations ahead of hurricane season.  Prior to hurricane season, it is important to review your insurance coverage as well as your legal documentation.  Specifically, we advise reviewing your current estate plan, ensuring your documents are in a safe place, and that the people who are designated as your agents know where to find the documents.

However, even with the best laid plans, weather is unpredictable. For that reason, a comprehensive estate plan should be part of your hurricane readiness plans. Here is why:

There is potential for a hurricane to leave you unable to make decisions about your assets or health. Estate planning allows you to dictate who would make your financial or medical decisions should you not have the capacity to do so for yourself.

Your estate plan should contain multiple necessary documents that can take effect in case of an emergency – should you or your family become incapacitated. These documents include a Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Directive, and Living Will.  A Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA) gives a trusted agent the power to manage legal and financial affairs. The appointment of an Advanced Health Care Directive, also known as a Health Care Surrogate, allows an agent to make medical decisions if you become unable to make those decisions yourself. And lastly, a Living Will instructs your family and health care professionals about various end-of-life decisions.

As Floridians, we are very familiar with hurricane season and the need to prioritize getting ready for an impending storm. We know to buy nonperishable food, batteries, and to get extra water and fuel, but may overlook the importance of estate planning as disaster preparedness. The attorneys at SAMUELS WOOD PLLC can help with this important piece of your hurricane readiness kit! Call us at (561) 864-3371 or visit our website at www.samuelswood.com.

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